Nude cam shows are so much fun for everyone. Here is how to avoid humiliation and avoid being so transparent that you give away your business cards to all your potential customers. Read on for some helpful tips.

How to make a cam shows on your own?

First, you don’t need to be naked when you put on your show. You could, however, find something interesting about yourself and dress up in a bikini if you wish. It is not as good an idea as it sounds. If your customers have seen you naked, they will probably think you are not so honest, which could damage your business.

Second, you don’t need to show off your muscles, too. There are different ways to communicate that you are not really working out, which also doesn’t detract from honesty. Rather, you can use the camera to make interesting poses. A smiling mouth with a body expression looks better than a flexing bicep.

Third, you don’t need to stare at your crotch. If you would rather keep it private, you could use a camcorder to take a picture of yourself with no panties on. With all that, there is the issue of discretion. A little nudity can go a long way.

Fourth, you can start with a few pictures and add more. The more you have on there, the more chances you have to get noticed by your clients. For example, if you were working a booth at a children’s party, you may want to take a picture of yourself with a soft drink and some toys for them to play with. When the children get older, they may tell their friends about it and then tell their friends and so on.

Don’t need to see them naked

Fifth, it is a good idea to say something before you turn on the camcorder. Say something like “I am going to show you my penis and you are going to feel my hand and touch my chest.” These are the most common topics that people talk about in camcorder shows. This works best if you already know what the conversation will be about. Just say something like “You want to see my penis?”

Sixth, if you are giving it to the audience to watch, you are in trouble if they start laughing at the camcorder. Remember that this is a live presentation and you are selling your goods. Your business is not going to suffer, but your camcorder may get damaged or stolen.

Seventh, if you are going to record it, you don’t need to see them naked. That is the reason why many people record their shows when they are just talking to them. You can decide later to do this for them.

Give you a better image of yourself

Eighth, if you are going to use a naked camcorder, be sure that you turn it off when you are finished with it. Don’t just leave it on a computer monitor. Turn it off and when you are finished talking, put it in the trash. Your customers will not know about it.

Ninth, do not shout or yell while you are talking in the camcorder; this could offend some people. Instead, use a soft voice. This will not make you seem stupid but rather will give you a better image of yourself as a person and an entertainer.

Tenth, don’t laugh when you’re doing your job. Use humor only if your customer says so. They may not want to laugh.

Finally, don’t rush your customers. They may have many other things on their mind. Give them the time they asked for.